Soccer is a sports game played by two teams; its goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal without using the hands. The victory is awarded to the team that, according to all the rules, scored more goals.
The popularity of this discipline is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that it is easy to find the necessary information, the broadcast, the conditions of the bookmakers are favorable, and the minus is that the analysts of the bookmakers are very well versed in this sport, therefore, it is the most difficult to beat them, especially if we are talking about the long term.

What are the types of soccer bets?

Modern bookmakers are able to offer the opportunity to bet on various soccer events, and they also offer a considerable number of types of soccer stakes. The most common types of stakes on this discipline are:

  • Outcome. In this case, the player’s task is to predict the outcome of a match. The most common options are: the victory of one of the teams, a draw; a specific team will not win; a specific team will not lose.
  • Handicap. A handicap is a bet on the fact that one of the teams will be stronger or weaker than the other by a certain number of goals.
    Total. Total is a stake on the total number of goals that will be scored in a match.
  • Accurate score. Everything is very clear here, this is a stake on a specific score with which the game will end.
  • Statistics gambling. In many bookmakers, you can gamble on statistics, that is, the number of certain indicators, such as: fouls, corners, yellow cards, shots on goal, shots on target and more.

These are just the most common types of soccer stakes in bookmakers.

Which bookmakers accept soccer bets?

Since soccer is a quite popular sport today, stakes on matches are accepted by all bookmakers. Bettors may not be aware of the existence of, for example, hockey. But even without being a soccer fan, a person, as a rule, is aware of local or international championships.
Therefore, the quality of bookmakers is often determined by the line of stakes – the more different options and predictions the totalizer offers, the more interest it causes among users. So, different bettors have different experience and level of awareness, and they are more likely to use the service of an office that offers understandable bets – from the simplest (like “both to score”) to complex ones (stakes with a handicap).

What do the professionals advise?

Betting is an exciting activity that requires discipline and endurance from a person. Beginners often make the same mistake – they drive the query “most popular soccer stakes” into the search engine and bet on impressive amounts. Usually, in such cases losses follow. The person loses money and patience.

A reasonable strategy in the first weeks of acquaintance with the world of betting is to make minimum stakes and study the main types of stakes. You can practice on the ordinaries within the framework of the championship well known to the player. The next option could be double outcomes. After studying the principles of working with quotes and outcomes, you can proceed to express stakes and work with total and handicap.

The disputes of soccer fans about what odds should be placed on a free amount or which bookmaker is better than the rest in online mode do not subside for a minute. Each player develops his own gambling strategy over time. Experience and a reasonable approach to betting helps to acquire it.