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SAQ Performance Training

GPS SAQ Performance Training: U15 – U19 Players

The GPS SAQ Performance Training program is designed to enhance the soccer specific physical attributes of high school aged players. The curriculum is tailored to boys & girls, and focuses on developing the players’ speed, agility, strength and power while including technical exercises.

All sessions are held in an energetic environment, where players are empowered to understand their individual performance characteristics and are encouraged to raise their game. 

GPS SAQ Performance Training Structure

Our Sports Performance programs provide supplementary training to players within the GPS development 

pathway to excellence. By joining these programs you are investing in the knowledge and skills that will allow you to thrive in the sport. 

Age Group: U15 – U19
Gender: Split Boys & Girls
Program: 6-8 weeks per season Fall/Winter/Spring
Session Length: 75 minute sessions

Why SAQ Performance Training? 

  • Soccer specific Speed, Agility, Strength and Power training with Technical skills
  • Professional Staff who understand the complex aspects of physical performance 
  • Specialized curriculum catered to the performance needs of Boys & Girls
  • Innovative training methods in a challenging yet energetic environment 
  • Convenient locations for Players and Parents


West Roxbury

Catholic Memorial School
Mondays (6:00pm - 7:00pm)
Starts 4/14
Ends 5/19
Ages: 11-18


Taunton Forekicks
Fridays (6:00pm - 7:00pm)
Starts 4/12
Ends 5/24
Ages: 14 and Up
$80 GPS Members
$125 Non members



Hillside School Turf
Fridays (7:00pm - 8:00pm)
Starts 4/12
Ends 5/17
Ages: 14-18