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GPS Galway and Vaughan Azzurri Pair Up for Thanksgiving Showcase

By GPS Media, 11/30/18, 11:00AM EST


Galway and Canadian Club Strike Up Friendship

November 30th, Waltham, MA, 2018; A few weeks ago we highlighted some of the special guests from Canada that were going to join us for the Thanksgiving Showcase.

Amongst them was Vaughan Azzurri, a club based in Ontario.

Vaughan Azzurri brought their Elite U18 Girls squad to the tournament with a focus on catching the eye of onlookers.

Sadly, Vaughan Azzurri were unable to bring their entire squad with them, leaving them a few players short of taking the field to compete.

In step the GPS Galway Rovers 2001/2000 Girls team.

Six players from Galway eagerly volunteered to don the Vaughan kit and take the field in order to allow the team to compete.

A team of 8 Vaughan Azzurri and 6 GPS Galway players would go on to compete in the U18 Girls Super Group during the tournament.

Exhibiting fantastic teamwork and an even better attitude, the mixed Galway/Azzurri team not only put on a good showing in the group but would go on to win all 3 games and claim the group title.

“To watch them play was like watching a team that had played together for years,” said Galway Rovers parent Cathy Craig. “They did it with great spirit, enthusiasm, and good sportsmanship as well as braving the elements of cold, wind, snow and rain. It was a complete pleasure to watch!”

The weekend was not only a wonderful sporting experience for the players involved but a wonderful life experience.

“It really was a fantastic display of soccer skills and sportsmanship all weekend. It’s never easy to win all three games in a top tier showcase,” said Vaughan Azzurri head coach Giorgio Iannizzi. “These memories and life lessons are priceless for everyone involved.”

It is always intriguing and special when a group of individuals that seldom, or in this case never, play together and immediately gel on the pitch.

Their performance during the tournament made for an incredible weekend for all involved from players to parents.

Members of both teams will be able to reconnect and rekindle their friendship in a few months when Vaughan Azzurri travel to the States to compete in the GPS Memorial Day Tournament.