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Professional Development May 14th

By GPS Media, 05/18/18, 8:45AM EDT


GPS Staff work on Dribbling and Working with Constraints

GPS Staff met up at Veterans Field in Waltham this Monday to participate in our weekly Professional Development session.

Some of you may have noticed that we did not put up a video last week recapping PD, for that we apologize, we had some technical difficulties getting it to upload to Facebook but it can be found on our Vimeo, which is linked in the description of this video, if you would like to see what we worked on last week.

This week, as usual, the sessions were run by fellow GPS staff members. Our opening session focused on Technical work for the EDL level while the closing session focused on using constraints in small sided games to work on technique, decision making and communication.

The opening session began with a drill that was meant to get every player at least 200-300 touches of the ball in a 10 to 15 minute time span. The aim was to dribble the ball through as many of the triangles as possible within the time limit.

Progressions saw players required to perform various techniques, such as toe-taps, inside the triangle before they were allowed to pass through it. To up the tempo, players were asked to perform various turns to change direction and attack space.

The final progression saw two players marked as defenders/taggers. They were tasked with chasing down opponents and attempting to win the ball by capitalizing off a poor touch from the player in possession or by throwing a Pennie on the ball. This forced players in possession to be constantly aware and ready to change direction at a moments notice.

The next drill was a technical piece working on simple passing, receiving, and dribbling before introducing changes of direction and challenges to receive with open body shape and attack space out wide. The drill ended with a 1v1 that required players to beat their man and dribble, under control, through either of the two gates.

The final drill of the session saw teams break down into teams of 3 and apply the techniques used in the session up until that point. The objective was for teams to control the ball and use it to know the a ball off a cone at the opposite end of the box.

The closing session of the day focused on using constraints in small sided games in order to work on technique while promoting quick decision making and communication amongst teammates. Through modifying certain elements of the game environment, constraints can help players become more attuned to certain opportunities for action, and for new behaviors or patterns to emerge.

The example used for this game was a 6v6+1 game where the defending team were rewarded extra points for winning the ball in the opposition’s half. This constraint encouraged the defense to step up quickly and to hold a high line. In turn, the constraint then shifted how the team in possession looked to move the ball, in this example they were forced to play penetrating passes that would look to beat the high press and high line of the defense.

Different outcomes could be focused on at the coach’s discretion. They could provide extra points for combination play, through balls to and attacking runs from certain players.

GPS Staff participates in Professional Development Sessions on a weekly basis with each session being conducted by a fellow GPS coach. Make sure to stay tuned to our social media accounts and website for updates on all things GPS, from Professional Development recaps to club announcements.