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2018 Tryouts: The GPS Style of Play

By GPS Media, 05/08/18, 2:00PM EDT


The GPS Style of Play

 All Global Premier Soccer clubs play the same style of play that is progressively developed through the different age groups.  The four elements of our Style of Play are chosen as they provide a foundation to develop creative, technical pro-active soccer players and prepare them for the demands of modern soccer.

1. Building from the Back

Starting build-up from the goalkeeper, looking to play into the feet of the closest open player.


To maximize touches of the ball, and initiate our progressive possession. To create confident, risk-taking and pressure-resistant players. To draw out the opposition, giving space for our forwards to attack when we play through the press.

2. Progressive Possession

Keeping the ball, shifting the opposition and playing a penetrative pass at the right moment.


To create players that are confident in passing and receiving the ball.  To develop players’ understanding of attacking tactical concepts.

3. Attack Minded

Our teams aim to create as many goal-scoring opportunities as possible.


To create innovative, exciting and creative players that dominate 1v1 situations. To complete attacking moves with creation of goal scoring opportunities.

4. Press from the front

GPS teams aim to win the ball as high up the field as possible, with all players playing a role in the defensive phase.


To help us win the ball as quickly as possible so we can exercise the three other aspects of our Style of Play. To ensure all our players are capable in all phases of the game.