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Player Spotlight: Alexandra Filipkowski

By GPS Media, 03/16/18, 1:15PM EDT


Q&A With George Washington Commit Alexandra Filipkowski

To celebrate our athletes who have decided to take the next step in their career and play collegiate soccer, we sent out a questionnaire to a select handful of players. The questions focused on their time here at GPS such as their fondest memory or how they would describe their overall experience while other questions dealt with their next step and what they expect to experience at the next level.

Alexandra only joined GPS last year as she entered her senior year of high school. She has signed for George Washington University to play soccer in the fall. The Colonials are a Division 1 NCAA program which is a member of the Atlantic 10 conference.

1) When did you join GPS and why?

I joined GPS at the beginning of my senior year. I joined because I heard great things about Coach Lee Moyce and the team had been very successful in past years (winning state cup and NPL league).

2) Tell us about your GPS experience?

I have had a very positive experience with GPS. The training environment at practice is always very intense and competitive. At every practice and game Coach Lee and my teammates are always pushing me to become a better player and person.

3) What have you enjoyed most about your GPS experience?

I have enjoyed playing against some of the top teams in the country during showcases and other games with GPS. We played at the CASL Showcase and competed against some elite teams from all over the country and in March we will do the same at the Jefferson Cup. Playing against challenging teams forces me to make more precise passes and forces me to increase my speed of play. If it wasn’t for the level that my GPS team plays at I would not have the opportunity to improve my game.

4) How has GPS or your GPS coach helped you in the college process?

My GPS coach, Lee Moyce, has helped me improve my technical and tactical components of my game in order to prepare me to play at the Division 1 level. Coach Lee always emphasizes speed of play with me, which will be crucial at the college level. Coach Lee encourages me to take on player’s 1v1 and emphasizes decision making on when to pass vs. dribble. Also, Coach Lee has taught me to stop second-guessing myself when it comes to taking a shot. He has taught me that it is important to trust myself and have confidence in my ability to score. The confidence Coach Lee has instilled in me will carry over to the college game and will hopefully make my transition to playing at a higher level much easier.

5) What is favorite memory of playing for Global Premier Soccer?

My favorite memory of playing for Global Premier Soccer is scoring a header goal to put us up 2-1 against PDA ECNL at the CASL Showcase in the fall. This is my favorite memory because it was the first goal I ever scored playing for GPS and my teammates gave me high fives and hugs, which really made me feel a part of my new team.

6) What are you most looking forward most about playing in the college game?

Next year I will be playing Division 1 soccer for George Washington University. I am most looking forward to trying my skills (scissors, step overs, maradona's) against players who are older and more skilled than me. Also, I am looking forward to quick combination play in the final third, scoring more header goals, and learning new foot skills.

7) What are you planning in studying in college?

I am planning on being a pre-med major.

8) What would be your advice to any young players aspiring to play in college?

My advice to any young players aspiring to play in college is that you should never give up! Although this is about the most cliché advice to give it is very important in the recruiting process. There were some schools that turned me away but I knew I wanted to achieve my goal of playing Division 1 college soccer so I never gave up. I spent countless hours reaching out to coaches and researching different college teams