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Player Spotlight: Audrey Lavey

By GPS Media, 03/23/18, 2:00PM EDT


Q&A with Wesleyan University Commit Audrey Lavey

To celebrate our athletes who have decided to take the next step in their career and play collegiate soccer, we sent out a questionnaire to a select handful of players. The questions focused on their time here at GPS such as their fondest memory or how they would describe their overall experience while other questions dealt with their next step and what they expect to experience at the next level.

Audrey Lavey has played for GPS for the last 7 years, and will be representing Wesleyan University Cardinals based out of Connecticut next fall after announcing her commitment as a junior.

How long have you played for GPS?

This is my 7th year playing for GPS.

What is your first memory of GPS?

I came to the club right before the NPL teams were made, so I remember having to work really hard to try and get a spot on that team. It really wasn’t easy because the other girls I was up against had already been playing together for some time. This was the first real time I played with high level players, and I could tell from the very beginning that I was going to learn a lot from my teammates and coaches along the way.

How have the GPS coaches helped you over the years?

The GPS coaches I have had over the years have helped me grow and improve both on and off the field. They have provided me with so much direction that I have been able to develop my skills, awareness, and work ethic on the field. But I have also gained mental strengths from having to work for a spot on a team, or how to stay calm in the middle of a hectic game. These have translated into school and even just everyday situations.

What is your favourite memory of GPS?

Last year our team won both State Cup and our league, and our league game was very exciting. We went down in the first half, but we showed so much strength and ended up winning 3-1. I have never felt so connected with a team, and I feel like all of the hard work we put in the whole season really paid off in the end.

How did GPS or your GPS head coaches help you in your college process?

My coach, Lee Moyce, was incredibly helpful in my recruiting process.  He sat down with me and developed an understanding of what I wanted to accomplish in college and then he made outreach calls to the coaches I was targeting.  He also wrote a very nice summary of my playing abilities for my soccer profile.

What college will you be attending and what are you looking forward to most in your college career?

I will be attending Wesleyan University in the class of 2023. I am really looking forward to learning new skills and adapting to a new style of play.