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Player Spotlight: Nate Cole

By GPS Media, 02/16/18, 12:15PM EST


Q&A With Boston University Commit Nate Cole

To celebrate our athletes who have decided to take the next step in their career and play collegiate soccer, we sent out a questionnaire to a select handful of players. The questions focused on their time here at GPS such as their fondest memory or how they would describe their overall experience while other questions dealt with their next step and what they expect to experience at the next level.

Nate Cole has been with GPS for almost 10 years and will continue his soccer career this fall when he takes the field to represent the Boston University Terriers.

1) When did you join GPS and why?

I joined GPS when I was 9 years old back when it was called MPS (Mass Premier Soccer). I had been playing just for my town and enjoyed soccer a lot but wanted to play more. My parents found this club and and thought it would be a good fit for me. They were definitely right because almost 10 years later I am still with the same club today.

2) Tell us about your GPS experience?

I have been coached by around 6-8 head coaches and many more assistant coaches. Every single one of my coaches has really helped me improve different parts of my game but I believe the two coaches that helped me the most were Matt Hardiman (My current coach) and Peter Bradley (The director of coaching at GPS) . They have two completely different coaching styles but both helped me so much throughout my years with them. I think Peter really focused on my technical ability and what it means to be a center back and a leader on the field. Matt really let me loose and show my offensive ability allowing me to play more freely, which gave me confidence.

3) What have you enjoyed most about your GPS experience?

I have really enjoyed improving my game every time I practice and play. I especially love playing in tournaments and the feeling of winning against a quality team. In addition to winning I think I take great pride in playing a clean technical game. I also love playing out of the back, having the ball at my feet and completing all my passes.

4) How has GPS or your GPS coach helped you in the college process?

GPS and my GPS coaches have helped me so much in my college process. GPS gives players a lot of assistance and knowledge about college recruitment through seminars and lectures. Each one of my coaches helped me to get recruited by calling and emailing coaches. Matt Hardiman especially helped me so much with my college process by doing this. He also really gave me the confidence that I needed as a player and told me to shoot to play at the highest level that I can play at.

5) What is favorite memory of playing for Global Premier Soccer?

My favorite memory of playing with GPS is playing in the National Cup last year and going to the GPS summer camps when I was younger. Last summer I was selected to play on the GPS National Team in Spain. I spent one week there training and playing teams which was an amazing experience. I have also made so many new friends from playing with different teams in GPS.

6) What are you most looking forward most about playing in the college game?

I am most looking forward to the intense competition in my league, playing in front of large crowds, and improving my game. I am also very excited to playing in a city that I have basically grown up next to and am very familiar with.

7) What are you planning in studying in college?

I am currently undecided in what I am planning on studying in college so I will be going into the College of General Studies (CGS). CGS is a small, liberal arts college within BU. This allows me to explore lots of different things in a small setting within a big school like BU. It will help narrow my focus down to what really want to do.

8) What would be your advice to any young players aspiring to play in college?

I would say to keep working hard every day on and off the soccer field. Overcoming adversity is also key to playing at higher levels and just as important as being comfortable on the ball, good with both feet, and developing your physical ability like speed, quickness and strength. I have been through so many challenges to get where I am today and there are definitely many paths to get here.