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Junior Premier (U9-U12)

The GPS Junior Premier Program provides year round training and games for players who aspire to achieve excellence.  The program serves players aged U9 to U12.  Teams compete in the New England Premiership ( in Fall and Spring with a futsal component in the winter.  Travel is limited at this age (with exception of U12s) with teams playing in local supplemental tournaments. The program is split into four tiers:

  • U12 Only - State Elite (Red and White), Boys (Development Academy)
  • Regional Elite (Red and White)
  • Regional Select (Red and White)
  • Academy

At U9 and U10 teams play 7v7 and at U11 and U12 teams play 9v9.  Both teams play adapted forms of the GPS Style of play with all teams working from a tailored curriculum that will provide players with fun, energetic and competitive environment focused on individual player development.  At these ages the primary focus is on developing technically sound, confident and passionate young soccer players.  Players will be coached on basic small group tactics and game situations but the major focus will remain on technical development.

Each tier of the GPS Junior Premier Program operates a player pool system (with exception of NPL team). At this stage of a young player’s development, there are a lot of variables that can enhance or impact development and we want to ensure that our players are given the necessary support and time to be able to reach their full potential. While we fully understand how ‘winning’ can positively affect player development, it is a by-product of a solid technical-tactical base and of a club’s player development philosophy.

The player pool system provides our coaching staff the opportunity to move players throughout the year to allow maximum opportunity and ensure players are placed in the right environment to maximize their development. Players are split based on ability, attitude, commitment to the game and what GPS think is best for the player’s development. 

Our emphasis is player-centric with development the number one priority. We focus on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological development of individual players on a pathway towards maximizing their full potential. The winning tradition that has been established over the past decade is based on each player improving significantly over the time they are with the club. All players conduct themselves at all times in accordance with the GPS Premier Team player code of conduct.