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GPS Clinics

What are the GPS Clinic programs?

The GPS Clinic programs serve as introductions to GPS and Soccer and are designed to provide opportunities for supplemental professional level training alongside the year-round GPS Jr. Premier and Premier Programs across all the GPS Regions. 

These are broken down into the following age groups:

  • 3-5 Years  - GPS Juniors - A fun introduction to soccer!
  • 5-6 Years - Early Development Centers -  An advanced Skill building program.
  • 7-8 Years - Early Development League (7-8) -  Weekly training and game program for U8s
  • 9-14 Years - Innovative Player Program - Learn how to dominate 1v1 situations! Perfect for Club and Non-Club players!
  • 15 - 19 Years - GPS SAQ Performance Training - Strength and Conditioning with a Soccer focus.

Program features

Each one of the GPS Clinics uses a specially designed curriculum, which targets the player’s age range and soccer experience. Programs are run by fully qualified GPS coaches who have had extra training in the program they are leading Players receive a GPS T-shirt relevant to the program they enroll on. 

Why are we different?

At GPS we pride ourselves on our professionalism, the care we show to our players and our families, and the respect afforded to each and every player who enters the GPS program. We want each player to enjoy every program, be challenged in a positive coaching environment and improve themselves as players and people as they move through the different stages of their development with us.